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traded commercially the licence fee is on the basis of daily turnover, there is no reason whatsoever why for trading in pigs, the licence fee should be only Rs. 101-. This is another reason for holding that for commercial trading in pigs a licence under D & O Rules is mandatory. - Shaji Philip v. Pallikkathodu Grama Panchayath and Others - 2009 (1) KHC 32. Thomas George v. Revenue Divisional Officer, 2005 KHC 1790.-2005 (4) KLT 562 : 2005 (3) KLJ 47; (Paras 4, 8) - Referred to). 5. Application for licence. The owner or occupier of every place used for the purposes specified in Schedule I shall, within thirty days of the publication of the notification, submit to the Secretary, application for licence for the use of such place for such purpose. 6. In the case of application, decision has to be taken by the President. The President may by order in writing and subject to such restrictions and regulations as he thinks fit, issue such licence or in public interest refuse to issue the same. In the case of refusal of licence the reasons for such refusal shall be mentioned in such order. 7. Fee for licence.- The Village Panchayat may for every licence issued by the President, levy amounts not exceeding the rates mentioned in Schedule II. 8. Period of licence. The period of every licence issued under Rule 6, will expire at the end of the year unless, for special reasons, the President considers that it should expire at an earlier date, when it shall expire at such earlier date as may be specified therein. Provided that the period of licence in respect of factory, industrial establishment etc. shall be fixed as five years and in such cases five times of the fee for licence per annum fixed by the Panchayat under Schedule III and I shall be realised in advance. 9. Licence not necessary for collecting or processing for domestic purposes.Notwithstanding anything contained in the provisions of these rules, no licence is necessary for collecting and processing any material specified in Schedule lif it is for domestic purposes and is in such measures as may be fixed by the Panchayat from time to time. 10. Period for submitting application for renewal of licence and that for submitting fresh application for licence.- An application for renewal of licence shall be submitted thirty days before the end of an year and application for licence for fresh openings shall be submitted thirty days before the openings thereof. 11. Cumulative licence.- The President shall, where the same owner uses the same place for more than one purpose enumerated in Schedule I, issue one cumulative licence for all such purposes. The Panchayat shall, on the basis of the average daily trade, fix in lump the fee for the cumulative licence in Schedule II. 12. Application to be made for constructing or establishing factory, workshop or workplace wherein steam power or other power is to be used.-(1) Every person intending, - (a) to construct or establish any factory, workshop or workplace wherein it is proposed to use steam power, water power or other mechanical power or electricity; or (b) to install, on any land a machinery or a manufacturing plant operated by steam power, water power or other power as aforesaid, not being machinery or manufacturing plant exempted under Rule 16, shall submit an application in writing before the Village Panchayat for permission to undertake such work before so constructing or establishing. (2) The application shall specify the maximum number of workers proposed to be employed on a day in the factory, workshop, workplace or on the land and shall be accompanied by — (i) the plan of the factory, workshop, workplace or the land prepared in such manner as directed by the officer authorised by Government; and (ii) the details in respect of power, machinery, plant or land that the Village Panchayat may call for in this behalf.