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presumption that the notice has been duly served on them. The head of office/employer shall keep the original of such notice in his possession and return the duplicate to the Secretary with necessary certificate.

20. Deduction of profession-tax from salary.-

(1) The head of office/employer shall, in case where the employees/labourers who are in the acquittance roll receiving their wages or salary by chequel demand draft, immediately on serving the notice to those who are liable to pay profession-tax, deduct such profession-tax from the salary or wages for that month.

(2) The particulars of tax so collected shall be entered in columns (7) to (9) of the register in Form No. V.

(3) The amount so deducted shall be remitted in cash or by cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of the Secretary within 10 days along with a statement showing the name of employees and the amount they remitted.

(4) In the case of an employee who is transferred from an office to another office of the same department, the head of office who is relieving the employee shall be liable to recover and remit the amount of profession-tax to be paid by the employee and shall mention that amount also in the Last pay Certificate.

(5) In the case of retirement on superannuation or compulsory retirement of an employee or relieved to other department, salary shall be disbursed only after realising profession-tax from the salary.

21. Payment of Profession-tax by self drawing officer.-

(1) A Self drawing officer shall, when he becomes a tax payer, make arrangements to remit the profession-tax in Village Panchayat or bank within the date and time specified in the bill/notice of demand.

(2) He shall inform the head of office or the employer the details of profession-tax to be remitted in the Village Panchayat immediately after the salary or wages is drawn after the time due for the remittance of profession tax.

(3) Each drawing and disbursing officer and self drawing officer shall furnish a certificate, in the salary bill for the month of February and August of every year, to the effect that the details of income as requested by the Secretary have been furnished and that all amounts due as professiontax have been remitted showing the date on which the details of income have been furnished and the date on which the amount has been remitted.

22. Furnishing of the details of tax collected.

The head of office or the employer shall also submit the details showing the amount of tax collected, the name of tax payer, demand number, the tax amount demanded and the date of collection along with the tax amount or the cheque or demand draft.

23. Issue of receipt for the amount remitted.—

The Secretary shall, after the remittance of the amount collected on account of tax by cheque or demand draft or in cash by the head of office or employer, issue receipt as per Rule 9 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj (Taxation Levy and Appeal) Rules, 1996, and such receipt shall be given to the tax payers, through the employer by a special requisition for this purpose. The head of office or employer shall enter the details regarding such receipt and its service, in columns (12) and (13) of the register in Form No. V.

24. Offences and penalties.-

(1) If any person, when required by the Secretary under these rules does not comply with it or furnishes false information shall be liable to be prosecuted and if convicted, shall be punished with fine of Rs. 100.

(2) In addition to and without affecting the above, if the profession-tax included in any bill or demand notice becomes arrear due to the failure on the part of head of office or employer who is