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15. Public halting places, landing places and cart stands to be kept open to all.

Public halting places, landing places and cart stands shall be kept open to all persons irrespective of their caste, creed or sex.

16. People resorting to halting places, landing places and cart stands to obey orders of the Secretary.-

Every person resorting to the public halting places, landing places and cart stands shall abide by the orders and instructions issued by the Village Panchayat Secretary or the person authorised in this behalf.

17. Begging to be prohibited within public landing places, halting places and cart stands.-

No begging of whatever types shall be allowed at public landing places, halting places and cart stands.

18. Inspection.--

Facility shall be rendered to the Collector or to any other officer authorised by him in this behalf, for the inspection of halting places, landing places and cart stands, at any time

19. Leasing of portions of halting places.-

(1) A Panchayat shall have the power to provide for lease, subject to the conditions as it may think proper to the higher bidder, for a period not exceeding one year, by auction or otherwise, of suitable portions of halting places, landing places, cart stands or other vehicle stands by parcelling them out subject to subsisting Kuthakapattom or other rights. The portion, excluding the portions so leased out, shall be made available for the use of halting place, landing place, cart stand or other vehicle stand and for the use of public resorting to that place . (2) The Secretary shall, in the form fixed by the village Panchayat, signed by him and specifying the conditions as mentioned in sub-rule (1) therein, issue a permit to the lessee.

(3) No lessee, shall sub-let or otherwise part with the possession of the place obtained on lease, except with the previous permission of the Secretary.

20. Transferring of right to collection of fee.-

(1) A Village Panchayat, may, by public auction, transfer the right to levy fee on places used as halting places, landing places or cart stands to the highest bidder, for a period not exceeding one year at a time and such lessee shall not levy fees at the rates higher than that fixed by the Village Panchayat and shall have no power to levy any fees from lessees of holding place as per Rule 19.1

(2) The officers empowered to collect the fees and the persons having lease hold rights to collect the fees shall issue receipts for all money collected by them.

(3) The lessee shall keep the places clean and shall keep the premises removed of refuse and filth objects causing annoyance and inconvenience to the public.

21. Direct collection of fees.—

The Village Panchayat shall, if for any reason it is found not possible to sell by auction the right to collection of fees, make arrangements for direct collection of fees.

22. Application for licence or renewal of licence to private cart stands.-

(1) An application to open a private cart stand or to renew a licence shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Village Panchayat. Such application shall specify (i) the details such as the name of the place, the survey number, the boundaries of the land on which it is proposed to establish new cart stands or to continue an existing one etc.;

(ii) the existing cart stands and the name of the place where the nearest existing cart stand is situated;

(iii) the distance between the two;