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permanent resident within the Panchayat area, to the person who was in charge of the said property at the time of seizure or if such person could not be found, a notice shall be published slating that after the expiry of two days, excluding Sunday, from the date of service or publication of such notice, the property shall be sold by pubic auction at a place specified in that notice,

Property to be returned when the amount due is tendered. — The property shall, if at any time before the sale begins, the amount due on account of the fee together with a sum of fifty paise on amount of charges incurred in connection with the seizure and detention is tendered to the Secretary or the person authorised, as aforesaid, be returned forthwith.

Property may be sold, if no tender is made. — (1) The property may be sold, if not tendering is made as in Rule 12, and the sale proceeds applied to the payment of,—

the amount due on account of fee;

penalty, not exceeding the amount of fee, as the Secretary may direct; and

(iii) charges incurred in connection with the seizure detention or sale.

(2) The surplus, if any, on the sale proceeds shall be paid to the owner of the property or to the person who was in charge of the property at the time of seizure.

14. Arrangements to be provided for passengers and motor vehicles in the bus stand. —

(1) A Village Panchayat shall provide the following facilities in public cart stands and parking places for motor vehicles, — (i) rest room for passengers and sufficient parking facility for buses passing through the stand;

(ii) toilet and urinals; (iii) drinking water facility;

(iv)first aid unit with all equipment;

(v)fire extinguisher unit


(vii) clock room, at least in important bus stands; (viii) boards showing the details:—

(a) regarding the facilities available and the conditions, if any, for using it;

(b)regarding the time table of buses passing through the stands;

(c) regarding the time table of trains timing if there is a railway station nearby;

(d) regarding important regional places; and

(e)regarding other information which the Village Panchayat may consider necessary.

(ix) public announcement system, if necessary, for informing the arrival and departure of buses;

(x) repairing sheds for repairing minor damages of vehicles;

(xi) an office suitable for using as a resting place for the employees of motor vehicles.

(2) The Village Panchayat shall invite quotations from the public every year to run the canteen and the announcement system and to maintain toilet and urinal and may, subject to the condition as it may impose, delegate such rights by issuing permits.