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Provided that the District Election Officer may condone the delay in the presentation of the appeal to him, if he is satisfied that the appellant had sufficient cause for not presenting it within the time prescribed.

(2) For the purpose of sub-rule (1) an appeal shall be deemed to have been presented to the District Election Officer, when the memorandum of appeal is delivered by, or on behalf of, the appellant the District Election Officer himself.

27. Custody and preservation of roll and connected papers.- (1) After the roll for a constituency has been finally published, the following papers shall be kept in the office of the registration officer or at such other place as the District Election officer may by order specify until the expiration of one year after the completion of the next intensive revision of that roll;

(a) one complete copy of the roll;

(b) statements submitted to the registration officer under Rule 6;

(c) register of enumeration forms;

(d) application in regard to the preparation of the roll;

(e) manuscript parts prepared by enumerating agencies and used for compiling the roll;

(f) papers relating to claims and objections;

(g) papers relating to appeals under Rule 22; and

(h) applications under Sections 24 and 25 of the Act.

(2) One complete copy of the roll for each constituency duly authenticated by the registration officer shall also be kept in such place as the District Election Officer may specify, as permanent record.

28. Inspection of electoral rolls and connected papers.- Every person shall have the right to inspect the papers relating to electoral roll referred to in Rule 27 and to get attested copies thereof on payment of such fee as may be fixed by the District Election Officer.

29. Disposal of electoral rolls and connected papers.-(1) The papers referred to in rule 27 shall, on the expiry of the period specified therein, and subject to such general or special directions, if any, as may be given by the State Election Commission in this behalf, be disposed of in such manner as the District Election Officer may direct.

(2) Copies of the electoral roll for any constituency in excess of the number required for deposit under Rule 27 and for any other public purpose shall be disposed of at such time and in such manner as the State Election Commission may direct and until such disposal shall be made available for sale to the public.

30. Use of old Forms.- If, at any time, during a period of six months from the date on which any amendment to a Form for making any claim, objection or other application to the registration officer under these rules takes effect, a person makes, such claim, objection or, as the case may be, other application in the Form as it stood before such amendment, the registration officer shall deal with such claim, objection or other application and he may, for this purpose, require such person, by notice in writing, to furnish such additional information being the information which would have been furnished if the amended Forms had been used within such reasonable time as may be specified in the notice

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