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220(b) construction of building or a hi structure in the land awaiting the road without leaving a distance of 3 metres One hundred rupees
220(C) unlawful making of whole or depositing of matter in or over public Road Fifty rupees
220(d) Alto full quarrying in any page near public Road etc Fifty rupees
220(e) unlawful construction of building or drain Two hundred rupees
222(1) opening or keeping open a primary markets in contravention of section 221 Five hundred rupees
222(3) levy of fees in private evening market One hundred rupees
222(4) levy of fees in private market without a licence Two hundred rupees
224 sale or exposure for sale in public or private markets of animal or article without permission One hundred rupees
228(1) keeping open a private Cops dance without licence or contrary to licence One hundred rupees
232 using a price for any purpose prescribed under section 232 without a licence or contrary to licence One hundred rupees
233 Unlawful erection of factory workshop etc Five hundred rupees

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