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230.. Use of place as a slaughter-house without licence or contrary to licence. One thousand rupees.
231 Slaughter of animals for sale as food or skinning or cutting up carcasses without licence or contrary to licence or drying skin so as to cause a nuisance. One hundred rupees for every animal carcass or skin.
232 Using a place for any prescribed purpose without licence or contrary to licence. Five hundred rupees.
233 Unlawful erection of factory, workshop, etc. Five thousand rupees.
235(2) Unlawful destruction , etc., of number of buildings. Fifty rupees.
235(3) Failure to replace number when required to do so. One hundred rupees.
235 (C) (5) Construction or reconstruction of the buildings against the declaration issued by the Village Panchayat Two thousand rupees.
235 D Making default in not complying with the request of making the building at the corner of the street rounded off or splayed off Five thousand rupees.
235 E Construction of doors and windows so as to open on public road. Two hundred rupees.
274 Obstructing a person in the use or enjoyment of a public road, market, well, tank etc. Five hundred rupees.
{See sub-section (2) of Section 257
Section Sub-Section or clause Subject Fine which may be imposed
209 C (2) Unauthorised exhibition of any advertisement. One hundred rupees.
220 (a) Unlawful building of wall or erecting fence, etc., in or over public road. One hundred rupees.