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2. Construction of building for institutions transferred.

XI. Public Health & Sanitations

1. Management of district hospitals with all systems of medicines.

2. Setting up of centres for the care of special categories of handicapped and mentally disabled people.

3. Co-ordination of centrally and State sponsored programmes at district level.

XII. Social Welfare

1. Provide grants to orphanages.

2. Establishment of welfare centres for the handicapped and destitutes.

XIII. Poverty Alleviation

1. Providing infrastructure facilities for self employment programme.

XIV. Development of Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe

1. Management of post metric hostels.

2. Management of vocational training centres for the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes.

XV. Sports and Cultural Affairs Construction of stadia.

XVI. Co-operation

1. Organisation of co-operatives within the limits of District Panchayat.

2. Strengthening of the co-operative institutions.

(See sub-section (1) of Section 257)
Section Sub-Section or clause Subject Fine which may be imposed
205 B The occupier or the owner/making default in submitting the list of persons in any profession art etc. One thousand rupees.
205 C The employer or the head of office or firm or company making default in submitting the list of persons employed under him. One thousand rupees.
205 D Employer making default in recovering profession tax. Five hundred rupees.
205 E (2) Making default in submitting the list of employees etc. Five hundred rupees.
205 H Making default in payment of profession tax by self drawing officers Two hundred and fifty rupees.
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