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IV. Fisheries

1. Arrangements for Fish marketing.

2. Management of fish farm development agency.

3. Management of district level pisciculture centres, net making units, fish markets, feed mills, ice plants and cold storages.

4. Management of fisheries schools.

5. Introduction of new technologies.

6. Provide implements required for fishermen.

7. Promotion of fishermen's co-operative societies.

V. Small Scale Industries

1. Management of district industries centres.

2. Promotion of small scale industries.

3. Setting up of industrial estates.

4. Organising exhibitions for sale of products.

5. Conduct of entrepreneur development programme.

6. Marketing of products.

7. Imparting training.

8. Create input service and common facility centres.

9. Implementation of industries development credit schemes.

VI. Housing

1. Implementation of housing complex and infrastructure development.

2. Mobilisation of housing finance.

VII. Water Supply

1. Implementation of water supply schemes covering more than one Village Panchayat.

2. Taking over of water supply schemes covering more than one Village Panchayat.

VIII. Electricity & Energy

1. Taking over of micro-hydal projects.

2. Determining priority areas for extension of electricity.

IX. Education

1. Management of Government high schools (including Lower and Upper Primary Schools attached to high schools).

2. Management of Government Higher Secondary Schools.

3. Management of Government Technical Schools.

4. Management of Government Vocational Training Centres and Polytechnics.

5. Management of Government Vocational Higher Secondary Schools.

6. Management of District Institute for Educational and Training.

7. Co-ordination of centrally and State sponsored programmes related to education.

X. Public Works

1. Construction and maintenance of all district. roads vested within the District Panchayat other than major district roads.

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