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2. Provide speciality services in animal husbandry.

3. Conducting of cattle and poultry shows.

III. Minor Irrigation Implementation and maintenance of all Lift Irrigation Schemes and Minor Irrigation Schemes covering more than one Village Panchayats.

IV. Fisheries Development of traditional landing centres.

V. Small Scale Industries

1. Establishment of mini industrial estates.

2. Promotion of industries with investment limit of one third of S.S.I.

3. Formulation of self employment schemes in Industrial sector.

VI. Housing

1. Popularisation of low cost housing.

2. Promotion of housing co-operative societies

VII. Electricity and Energy Development of conventional energy sources.

VIII. Education Management of Government Industrial Training Institutions.

IX. Public Works

1. Maintenance of village roads connecting more than one Village Panchayat within the Block Panchayat and other roads vested in Block Panchayat.

2. Construction of buildings for institutions transferred from Government.

X. Public Health and Sanitation Running of community health centres and Taluk Hospitals with all systems of medicine within the Block Panchayat.

XI. Social Welfare Management of I.C.D.S.

XII. Poverty Alleviation

1. Planning and implementation of employment assurance schemes in coordination with the Village Panchayat.

2. Skill upgradation of poor for self employment and giving wage employment for people below poverty line.

XIII. Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Development

1. Management of pre-metric hostels.

2. Promotion of Co-operative Societies meant for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes.

XIV. Co-operation

1. Organising co-operatives within the jurisdiction of Block Panchayat.

2. Strengthening of co-operative institutions.

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