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5. Provide discretionary assistance to Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe when necessary.

XVI. Sports and Cultural Affairs

1. Construction of playgrounds.

2. Establishment of Cultural Centres.

XVII. Public Distribution System

1. Examining the complaints against the Public Distribution System and find out and implement remedial measures.

2. Organise campaigns against offences relating to weights and measures.

3. General supervision and guidance of Ration Shops, Maveli Stores, Neethi Stores and other public distribution systems and start new public distribution centres, if necessary.

XVIII. Natural Calamities Relief

1. Protection of Relief Centres.

2. Conduct works relating to natural calamity. The work to compensate damages caused to the assets should be done by the respective Panchayats.

XIX. Co-operation

1. Organise Co-operative societies within the boundaries of Village Panchayat.

2. Strengthen the existing co-operative institutions.

[See sub-section (1) of Section 172]

(A) General Functions

1. Utilise Governmental- non-Governmental technical expertise at block level.

2. Provide technical assistance to Village Panchayats. 3. Prepare schemes taking into consideration the schemes of Village Panchayats in order to avoid duplication and to provide backward, forward Jeg linkage.

(B) Sector-wise functions

1. Agriculturals

1. Farmers training programmes for the implementation at the village level.

2. Arrange agricultural inputs required for schemes at the village level.

3. Conduct of agricultural exhibitions

4. Management of watersheds falling within the Block Panchayat area.

5. Mobilise agricultural loans.

6. Encouragement of sericulture

II. Animal Husbandry and Dairy Farming

1. Running of veterinary poly clinics and zonal artificial insemination centres.

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