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provide them with lands for house construction and with houses.

2. Implementation of rural housing programmes.

3. Implementation of shelter upgradation programmes.

VIII. Water Supply

1. Management of water supply schemes within a Village Panchayat.

2. Setting up of water supply schemes within a Village Panchayat.

IX. Electricity and Energy

1. Installation and maintenance of street lights.

2. Encourage the consumption of bio-gas.

X. Education

1. Management of Government Pre-primary Schools and Primary Schools.

2. Implementation of literacy programmes.

3. Management and promotion of reading rooms and libraries.

XI. Public Works

1. Construction and maintenance of village roads within a Village Panchayat.

2. Construction of buildings for institutions including those transferred from the Government

XII. Public Health and Sanitation

1. Running of dispensaries, Primary Health Centres and Sub-centres (with all systems of medicines.)

2. Management of maternity and Child Welfare Centres.

3. Carry out immunisation and other preventive measures.

4. Implementation of family welfare programme.

5. Implementation of sanitation programmes.

XIII. Social Welfare

1. Running of Anganwadis.

2. Sanctioning and distribution of pension to destitutes; widows, handicapped and agricultural labourers.

3. Sanctioning and distribution of unemployment wages.

4. Sanctioning of financial assistance for the marriage of the daughters of widows.

5. Implementation of Group Insurance Scheme for the poor.

XIV. Poverty Alleviation

1. Identifying the poor.

2. Implementation of self employment and Group Employment Schemes for the poor especially for women.

3. Providing community assets of continuing benefits to the poor.

XV. Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe Development

1. Implementation of beneficiary oriented schemes under S.C.P., T.S.P.

2. Running of nursery schools for Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribes.

3. Arrange basic facilities in Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribe Colonies.

4. Provide assistance to Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe Students.

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