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6. Encourage the system co-operative group farming.

7. Organise self-help groups among farmers.

8. Encourage horticulture and vegetable cultivation.

9. Fodder development.

10. Plant production

11. Seed protection

12. Farm mechanisation.

13. Management of Krishi Bhavans.

II. Animal Husbandry and Dairy farming.

1. Cattle Development Programmes.

2. Dairy farming.

3. Poultry farming, bee keeping, piggery development, goat rearing, rabbit rearing etc. amor

4. Running of veterinary hospitals.

5. Running of ICDP sub-centres.

6. Preventive Health Programmes for the animals.

7. Prevention of cruelty to animals.

8. Implementation of fertility improvement programmes.

9. Control of diseases of animal origin.

III. Minor Irrigation

1. Maintenance and implementation of all minor irrigation projects within the area of a Village Panchayat.

2. Implementation and maintenance of all micro irrigation projects.

3. Put into practice water conservation.

IV. Fishing

1. Development of fisheries in ponds, pisci-culture in fresh water and brackish water and mariculture.

2. Improvement of fish seed production and distribution of offsprings.

3. Distribution of fishing implements.

4. Provide assistance for fish marketing.

5. Provide minimum basic facilities for fishermen families.

6. Implementation of fishermen Welfare Schemes.

V. Social Forestry

1. Growing trees for cattle feed, fire wood and growing of fruit trees.

2. Organise campaigns for planting of trees and to build environmental awareness.

3. Afforestation of waste land.

VI. Small Scale Industries.

1. Promotion of cottage-village industries.

2. Promotion of handicrafts.

3. Promotion of traditional and mini industries.

VII. Housing

1. Identification of the homeless people and the puramboke dwellers and

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