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(2) Where such person does not show cause as aforesaid, he shall be bound to make the alterations specified in such notice.
(3) Where such person shows sufficient cause as aforesaid, the Secretary shall, by order confirm, modify or cancel the notice issued under sub-section (1).

2350. Stoppage of construction or reconstruction endangering human life.Notwithstanding anything contained in any of the foregoing provisions in this chapter, the Secretary may, at any time, stop the construction or reconstruction of any building if, in his opinion, the work in progress is dangerous to human life.

235P. Application to construct or re-construct huts.- (1) Every person who proposes to construct or re-construct a hut in any land lying adjacent to the roads referred to in clause (b) of Section 220, within a Village Panchayat area shall send to the Secretary,
(a) a site plan of the land, and
(b) an application for permission to execute the work.
(2) Every application and plan under sub-section (1) shall contain such particulars and be prepared in such manner as required by the rules or bye-laws made under this Act.

235Q. Prohibition of commencement of work without permission.- No person shall, commence the construction or re-construction of a hut without permission in any land referred to in Section 235P.

235R. Period within which Secretary is to grant or refuse to grant permission to execute the work.- The Secretary shall within fourteen days after the date of receipt of an application under Section 235P, or any information or plan or further information or fresh plan required under the rules or bye-laws made under this Act, by an order in writing either grant the permission or refuse the permission on any of the grounds mentioned in section 235T.

235S. Reference to Village Panchayat where Secretary causes delay in passing orders. — (1) Where within the period specified in Section 235R the Secretary has neither granted nor refused to grant permission to construct or re-construct a hut, the Village Panchayat shall be bound on the written request of the applicant to determine whether such permission should be granted or not.

(2) Where the Village Panchayat does not, within thirty days from the date of receipt of such written request, determine whether such permission should be granted or not, such permission shall be deemed to have been granted and the applicant may proceed to execute the work but not so as to contravene any of the provisions of this Act or any rules or bye-laws made thereunder.
235T. Grounds on which permission to construct or re-construct hut may be refused.- (1) The grounds on which permission to construct or re-construct a hut may be refused are the following, namely;

(i) that the work or use of the site for the work would contravene, the provisions of any law or any order, rule, bye-law or declaration made under such law;

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