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235L. Grounds on which approval of building sites or permission to construct or re-construct a building may be refused.— (1.) The grounds on which approval of site or permission to construct or re-construct a building shall be refused are the following namely:-

(i) that the work or use of the site of the work or any of the particulars comprised in the site plan, ground plan, elevations, sections or specifications would contravene any law or any order, rule, declarations, or bye-law made under any law;
(ii) that application for the permission does not contain the particulars or is not prepared in the manner required by any rule or bye-law made under this Act ;
(iii) that any of the documents specified in Section 235F has not been signed as required by rules or bye-laws made under this Act;
(iv) that any information or document required by the Secretary under rules or bye-laws made under this Act has not been duly furnished;
(v) that the proposed building would be an encroachment upon a land belonging to the Government or the Village Panchayat or
(vi) that the land is under acquisition proceedings.
(2) No application for approval of a building site or for permission to construct or re-construct a building shall be refused without stating the reasons for such refusal.
235M. Lapse of Permission - Where the construction or reconstruction of a building is not completed within the period specified in the permission, the permission shall lapse unless an application for extension of time is made before the expiry of the period specified.

235N. Power of Secretary to required alteration in work.— (1) Where it comes to the notice of the Secretary that a work,

(a) is not in accordance with the plans or specifications approved, or
(b) is in contravention of any of the provisions of this Act or any rule, bye-law, order of declaration made thereunder, he may by notice, require the person for whom such work is done,
(i) to make such alteration as may be specified in the said notice to bring the work in conformity with the plans or specification approved or the provisions so contravened; or
(ii) to show cause why such alteration should not be made, within such period as may be specified in the notice:
Provided that any construction made in deviation from such approved plan or specifications may not be required to be altered unless it contravenes any specifications or provisions mentioned in this Act or building rules made thereunder.