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(2) No objection to any such declaration shall be received after a period of three months from the publication of such notice.
(3) The Village Panchayat shall consider all objections received within the said period and may modify or confirm the declaration and the modification shall not be so as to extend its effect.
(4) The Secretary shall publish any declaration so confirmed which shall take effect from the date of its publication.
(5) No person shall, after the date of publication of the declaration under sub-section (4), construct or reconstruct any building in contravention of such declaration.

235D. Building at corner of street.— A Village Panchayat may require any building intended to be erected at the corner of two roads to be rounded off or splayed off such height and extend as it may determine and may acquire in accordance with the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (Central Act 1 of 1894) such portions of the site at the corner as it may consider necessary for public convenience or amenity.

235E. Prohibition of construction of doors, ground floor, windows and bars as to open outwards.- Any door, gate, bar or ground floor, windows which opens outwards to any public road shall not be constructed or re-constructed.

235F. Application to construct or re-construct buildings'"- (1) Where any person intends to construct or re-construct a building other than a hut within a Village Panchayat area he shall send to the Secretary -
(a) an application in writing together with a site plan of the land for the approval of the site and;
(b) an application in writing together with a ground plan, elevation and sections of the building and specification of the work for permission to execute the work.

Explanation.- Building in this sub-section shall include a wall on the boundary of the public street or any height abutting any public street.

(2) Every document furnished under sub-section (1) shall contain such particulars and be prepared in such manner as may be required under the rules or bye-laws made under this Act.

235G. Requirement of prior approval of site.— The Secretary shall not grant permission to construct or re-construct a building unless and until he has approved the site on an application made under Section 235F.

235H. Prohibition of commencement of work without permission.- The construction or re-construction of a building shall not be commenced unless and until the Secretary has granted permission for the execution of the week.
235 I. Period within which approval or disapproval shall be intimatedWithin thirty days after the receipt of an application made under Section:: 235 F for approval of a site or of any information, or further information required under any rules or bye-laws, the Secretary shall by an order in writing either approve or refuse to approve the site and shall intimate the fact to the applicant

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