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(c) every consumer shall keep the waste plastic bags and plastic covers segregated from other wastes and shall be managed as provided for in the bye-laws that may be made by the Village Panchayat. (2) The Secretary shall, lodge complaint against any person who violates the provisions of Clause (a) of sub-section (1), in accordance with the provisions of the said Central Act and the rules made thereunder. 219X. Constitution of Waste Disposal Fund.— The Village Panchayat shall constitute a special fund, by name, 'The Waste Disposal Fund' for the purposes of disposal of waste, especially for the processing of plastic waste, originated within the Village Panchayat area, and, - (a) the additional fee realised as per clause (b) of sub-section (1) of Section 219W; (b) the fine amount recovered in the cases relating to waste disposal; and (c) the amounts that may be granted by the Government or given by other agencies or persons in this behalf; shall be credited to the Fund and the same shall be managed in the manner as may be prescribed.] 220. Prohibition against constructions in or over public roads etc.Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act no person shall, (a) build any wall or erect any fence or other obstruction or projection or make any encroachment whatsoever, whether permanent or temporary, in or over any public road; 74[(b) Construct any building or structure other than a compound wall in any land abutting any National Highway, State Highway, District roads or any other roads notified by the Village Panchayat within a distance of three metres from the boundary of his land abutting the road: 75[Provided that, the said limit of three metres shall not be applicable for the construction of 1st floor or 2nd floor or both upon a building, existing on the date of coming into force of this Act:

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