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Provided further that, the Secretary may, for reasons to be recorded in writing refuse to give such permission.

219J. Prohibition of keeping filth on premises.- No owner or occupier of any premises shall keep or allow to be kept for more than twenty four hours any filth on such premises or in any building or on the roof thereof or in any out house or any place appurtenant thereto, or fail to comply with any requisition of the secretary as to the construction, repair, paving or clearing of any latrine belonging to premises.

219K. Prohibition against allowing outflow of filth - No owner or occupier of any premises shall allow the water from any sink, drain, latrine or stable, or any other filth to flow out of such premises to any portion of a street except a drain or a cesspool or to flow out of such premises so as to cause an avoidable nuisance by the soakage of the said water or filth into the walls or ground at the side of drain forming a portion of a street.

219L. Prohibition of disposal of skin.— No person shall deposit the skin of a carcass or dispose of the carcass at a place other than that provided for the purpose.

219 M. Prohibition of using any cart without cover for the removal of filth etc.— No person shall, for the removal of filth use any cart or receptacle not having a proper covering for preventing the escape of the contents thereof or of the strench therefrom, or intentionally or negligently spill any filth while removing or fail to sweep and clean carefully the place any such filth has spilled or place or deposit in any public place any filth whether in a closed or open vessel or otherwise.

219 N. Prohibition of deposit of rubbish or filth in public places.- No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any rubbish or filth or other debris into any public place not intended for deposit of rubbish or filth or debris.

219 O. Prohibition against causing nuisance in public streets etc.— No person shall cause any nuisance by relieving himself in any street, public place or public path or permit any person under his control to do so.

219 P. Presumption as to offender.- Where any rubbish, offensive matter, trade refuse, special waste, hazardous waste or excrementitious and polluted matter accumulated on any premises is deposited in any place in contravention of the provisions of this Act it shall be presumed unless the contrary is proved that such contravention has been committed by occupier of such premises.

219 Q. The employees of the Village Panchayat engaged in rubbish and solid waste management service prohibited from depositing waste at a place other than specified etc.— No employee of the Village Panchayat engaged in rubbish and solid waste management service shall throw or place any domestic waste, dust, ashes, refuse, rubbish or trade refuse on any street or in any place not provided for the purpose or place or keep in any road any vehicle or carriage for the removal of solid waste excrementitious or polluted matter or suffer the same to remain in any road or any greater length of time than it reasonably necessary.

219R. Power to inspect premises for sanitary purposes.- The Secretary or any officer authorised by him may at any time inspect any premises for the purpose of ascertaining the compliance of the provisions of this Act.

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