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219G. Provision for processing of solid wastes.- The Village Panchayat may for the purpose of recycling, treating, processing and disposing of solid wastes or converting such solid wastes into compost or any other matter, construct; acquire, operate maintain and manage any establishment within or outside the Village Panchayat area and run it on a commercial basis or may contract out such activity.

219H. Removal of rubbish and solid waste accumulated on non-residential premises.- (1) The Secretary may if he thinks fit by notice in writing of any premises used as

(a) a factory, workshop or a place for carrying or any manufacturing process, or (b) a market or trade premises, or
(c) a slaughter house, or
(d) a hotel, eating house, or restaurant, or
(e) a hospital or a nursing home, or
(f) a warehouse, or godown, or
(g) a place to public resorts, where rubbish offensive matter, filth, trade refuse, special wastes, hazardous wastes or excrementitious and polluted matters are accumulated in large quantities, to collect such matters accumulated thereon and to remove the same to a depot or place provided or directed by the Secretary at such time and in such manner and by such routes as may be specified in the notice:

Provided that, where such solid wastes cannot be removed to such place or depot as required by the Secretary on health reasons, the Secretary may direct the owner or occupier of such premises to make his own arrangements for disposal of such wastes and for non-compliance of such direction, he may on conviction, be punished with a fine which may extend to rupees ten thousand and a further fine at the rate of rupees one hundred for each day during which the offence is continued.

(2) Where the owner or occupier fails to dispose of the waste in pursuance of the notice under sub-section (1), the cost for such removal shall be fixed and realised by the Village Panchayat from the said owner or occupier.

2191. Prohibition of improper disposal of carcasses, rubbish and filth.- (1) No person shall after due provision has been made under Section 219 A by the Village Panchayat for the deposit and removal of rubbish, solid waste, carcasses or filth, deposit the same.

(a) in any street or on a verandah of any building or any unoccupied ground along the side of any road or any public quay, jetty or landing place or on the bank of a water course or pond; or S., (b) in any dust bin or vehicle not intended for the removal of the same; or.

(c) in any vehicle or vessel intended for such removal except to ameliorate or to prevent the spreading of bad smell.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions in sub-section (1) no person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any building rubbish on any streets or on any public or private land without the previous permission of Village Panchayat:

Provided that, no permission shall be granted without paying the fee as determined by the Village Panchayat:

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