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which they come into force and thereafter on completion of every five years, the Government and the Village Panchayat, respectively, shall revise the rates of basic property tax by making an enhancement at the rate of five per cent on the existing limits and rates in each year in such a manner as to have an enhancement of twenty five per cent by the completion of the period of every five years, so as to be in force for the next five years. While assessing the tax in accordance with the revised rate of tax as stated above, -

(a) in the case of buildings which are new, reconstructed and altered in usage, the Secretary shall fix the tax as prescribed and take further action;

(b) in the case of building which does not belong to the category stated in clause (a) and the annual property tax of which is fixed once based on the plinth area, for the purpose of revising the annual property tax for the succeeding five year period, the Village Panchayat shall revise the tax by making an enhancement of twenty five per cent along with the existing annual property tax and accordingly the Secretary shall give demand notice for the next five years to the owner of the building:

Provided that while revising such annual property tax, no deduction or addition under sub-section (7) shall be applicable;)

(5) The rates of basic property tax fixed by the Village Panchayat for the first time under sub-section (3) shall come in to force on such date as the Government may, by notification, appoint in this behalf.

(6) The basic property tax shall be such amount as is arrived at by multiplying the plinth area of a building with the rate of basic property tax applicable to such building which is rounded to the next higher whole number.

(7) In the basic property tax of building calculated as per sub-section (6) on the basis of the factors:

(i) Where the areas of Village Panchayat are classified into different zones, the zone in which the building is located;
(ii) availability of road facility to the building;
(iii) Variation of the plinth area of the building.
(iv) construction of roof of the building;
(v) age of the building;
(vi) construction of the floor of the building;
(vii) Construction of the wall of the building.
(viii) air conditioning facility of the building;
(ix) Nature of use of the building. (that is whether used for personal purpose or given on rent etc.) –
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