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S.191 & Panchayat Raj (Conduct of Public Works) Rules, 1997 (Kerala) - Committee constituted for the construction of a road - Chairman is only a figure head and the convener is the person who has to represent the committee in every matters - Government interfering in the matter of appointment or removal of the Chairman is not justifiable.- Ahamed Kutty v. State of Kerala - 2001 (1) KLT 614.

[192. Administration report of the Panchayat.— (1) Every Panchayat shall prepare a report in respect of [its] administration every year in such form and with such details as may be prescribed by Government in accordance with the provisions of this section and publish the same before the thirtieth of September of the succeeding year and if the report is not published within the said time limit Government may with hold the payment of grants due to the Panchayat thereafter.

(2) The draft of the administration report in respect of the institutions and offices under the administrative control of the Panchayat shall be prepared by the heads of such institutions and offices and shall be furnished to the Secretary of the Panchayat and he shall prepare the draft of the administration report of that Panchayat in consultation with the President of the Panchayat and shall be submitted before the Panchayat for its approval.

(3) The Panchayats within a district shall immediately after the approval and publication of the administration report, forward it to the officer authorised by the Government in this behalf and the Village Panchayats and Block Panchayats also shall furnish their administration reports to the District Panchayat.

(4) The officer authorised by the Government shall submit a consolidated report containing the abstracts of the administration reports of the Village Panchayats, Block Panchayats and District Panchayats, to Government before the 31st of December every year.

(5) The Government shall as soon as may after the receipt of the consolidated report cause it to be laid before the Legislative Assembly in its next session along with a review report of Government and it shall be so laid within forty five days from the first day of that session.]

193. Dissolution of Panchayats.- 30[(1) If a Panchayat fails to pass the budget of the Panchayat for the succeeding financial year before the end of a financial year, which

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