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(f) have power to inspect any office or any records or other documents of the Panchayats or movable properties kept therein or any work or institution or property under the control of the Panchayat.

(2) Every Panchayat, President, Secretary and other officer shall be bound to give facilities for exercising duties under 24[x x] of sub-section (1).

[(3) The Government may, in the manner prescribed arrange periodical performance audit in respect of the administration of the Panchayat:,]

[188A. Technical supervision and inspection.- The heads of Departments concerned and other technical officers nominated by them may inspect the works and development schemes implemented by any officer of that department under the control of any Panchayat and also inspect relevant records pertaining to such works and development schemes, in the manner specified by the Government.]

[189. General power of Government to issue guidelines and to conduct enquiry.- (1) Not with standing anything contained in this Act, the Government shall have the power to issue general guidelines to the Panchayats in accordance with the National and State Policies in matters such as finance, maintenance of accounts, office management, formulation of schemes, selection of sites and beneficiaries, proper functioning of Grama Sabha, welfare programmes and environmental regulations and the Panchayats shall comply with such directions.

(2) If there is any default in the implementation of schemes or maintenance of accounts or complaint is received in the matter, Government may arrange for enquiry into the matter and the Panchayat shall co-operate with such enquiry.

(3) After such enquiry, Government may take such action as is necessary and permissible under this Act.]

190. Power to take action for default by a Panchayat President or secretary - (1) If at any time, it appears to the Government that a Panchayat; or its President or its Secretary has made default in performing any duty imposed by or under this Act or in carrying out any orders lawfully issued by the Government may, by order in writing, fix a period for the performance of such duty, or the carrying out of such order.

(2) If such duty is not performed or such order is not carried out within the period fixed under sub-section (1) the Government may, after giving a reasonable opportunity to the Panchayat or its President or its Secretary, as the case may be, to explain why further action under this section may not be pursued, appoint any officer or authority to perform the duty or to carry out the functions and may direct that the expenses incurred therefor shall be paid from the fund of the Panchayat within such time as may be specified by the Government.

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