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(b) appoint a common engineering or other staff for the purpose of two or more Panchayats at a level and recover from each of the panchayats concerned such proportion of the salary and allowances paid to the members of such staff and such contribution towards their leave allowance, pension and Provident Fund, as may be required by the conditions of their service under the Government:

10FProvided that the Government may, if situation so demands, pool the engineering staff and technical staff of the Government Departments and make their services available to one or more Panchayats by allotment or by transfer as in the case of staff from other departments:

Provided further that if there is dearth of staff for allotment from Government Departments, the Panchayat in the exigencies of service may, arrange for the services of the engineers from outside the Government service for specific work, subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified by the Government in this behalf.]

(8) Subject to such rules as may be made the power to grant leave to the officers and employees of the Panchayat shall vest in the Secretary.

(9) A Panchayat shall be competent to impose minor penalties on any officer or employee of that Panchayat, subject to such rules as may be made in this behalf.

(10) An appeal against any order of the Panchayat imposing any minor penalty shall lie to the authority entrusted by the Government in this behalf (hereinafter referred to as the "authority")

(11) An appeal under sub-section (10) shall be in such form and shall be presented within such time and in such manner, as may be prescribed.

(12) On receipt of an appeal under sub-section (10), "the authority" shall after giving the appellant an opportunity of being heard, confirm, cancel or modify the order appealed against or pass such other order as it deems fit.

(13) The Government may either suo motu or on application call for the records of any order passed under sub-section (12), and review any such order and pass such order with respect thereto as they think fit: Provided that no application for review shall be entertained after the expiration of thirty days from the date on which the order sought to be reviewed was received by the applicant:

Provided further that government shall not pass any order affecting any party unless such party has had an opportunity of making a representation: Provided also that no suo motu revision shall be made by the Government more than one year after the date of the order to be reviewed.

11[(14) Where disciplinary proceedings are to be initiated against any officer or employee of the Panchayat, the President may make an enquiry against that officer or employee and where a major penalty is to be imposed, he shall have the power to report it for further action to the authority competent, to appoint him in service of the Panchayat

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