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89[(2) Subject to the other provisions of this Act and the directions of the Government the District Panchayat shall have exclusive power to administer the matters enumerated in the Fifth Schedule and to prepare and implement the schemes in the subjects specified therein, for economic development and social justice.]

Oct (3) The Government shall, subject to availability of resources provide necessary financial, technical and other assistance to the District Panchayats to enable them to discharge their functions.

(4) All grants-in-aid sanctioned by the Government in respect of the matters enumerated in the Fifth Schedule shall be distributed through the District Panchayat concerned.

(5) The Government shall, as soon as may be, after the commencement of this Act, transfer to the District Panchayats all the institutions projects and buildings and other properties and assets and liabilities connected with the matters referred to in the Fifth Schedule 90[and every Institutions so transferred shall be in the name of that District Panchayat and shall be known accordingly.]

'[(6) The District Panchayat shall administer the institutions and schemes transferred to it, subject to the guidelines and technical assistance of the Government and in accordance with the State and National policies.

(7) The District Panchayat shall have no power to sell, transfer, alienate or pledge the properties transferred to it]

2[173A. Managing Committee for Public health Institutions.- There shall be constituted a Managing Committee, in the manner prescribed, consisting of not more than fifteen members including the Chairman, for every public health institution transferred to the Panchayat from Government.]

174. Delegation of powers and functions of Government to panchayats.(1) The Government may, by notification in the Gazette, from time to time, delegate to the Panchayat at any level any of the powers and functions of the Government as may be specified in the notification in respect of any matter, which is not provided in this Act, subject to such restrictions and conditions as may be specified therein. one

(2) Where the Government delegates a function under sub-section (1) to Panchayat at any level, it shall allot to that Panchayat such fund and personnel as may be necessary to enable the Panchayat to discharge the functions so delegated.

175. Preparation of development plans by Panchayats.- 3[(1) The Panchayat at every level shall prepare every year a development plan for the next year in respect of the functions vested in it for the respective Panchayat area in the form and manner prescribed and it shall be submitted to the District Planning Committee before the date prescribed.

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