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66[(iii) The Standing Committee for Welfare shall deal with the subjects of development of Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe, development of women and children, social welfare, poverty eradication and public distribution system; (iv) The Standing Committee for Health and Education shall deal with the subjects of public health, environment, education, arts and culture and entertainment.]

(c) In the District Panchayat.

(i) Standing Committee for finance shall deal with the subjects like finance, accounts, audit, budget, general administration and subjects not allotted to other Standing Committee;

(ii) The Standing Committee for development shall deal with the subjects like development planning, socio-economic planning, agriculture, soil conservation, animal husbandry, minor irrigation, fisheries and small scale industry, $7[electricity, etc.

(iii) The Standing Committee for public works shall deal with the subjects like public works, housing, spatial planning and environment;

(iv) The Standing Committee for Health and Education shall deal with subjects like public health and education;

(v) The Standing Committee for welfare shall deal with subjects like social welfare, development of women and children and development of scheduled castescheduled tribe, 6(eradication of poverty].

(2) The standing committees of the Panchayat may perform such other powers and functions of the Panchayat as may be entrusted to it by the Panchayat in addition to the powers and duties conferred on it by rules made in this behalf.

(3) Every resolution passed by the Standing Committee shall be placed before the Panchayat in its next meeting and the Panchayat shall have power to modify such resolution if considered necessary.

(4) Where any of the Standing Committees cannot function effectively by reason of the resignation of the majority of its members or for any other reason, powers and functions of such Standing Committee shall be vested in the steering committee constituted under section 162 B till its re-constitution.

(5) The ex officio Secretaries referred to in sub-section (11) of Section 179 shall attend the meetings of the respective Standing Committee and render necessary assistance to the committee in the discharge of its functions.

162B. Steering Committee.- (1) There shall be a steering committee in every Panchayat consisting of its President, Vice-President and the Chairman of Standing Committees and the President shall be the Chairman of the said committee.