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(3) The District Panchayat shall provide suitable conveyance for the use of the President of the District Panchayat throughout his term of office and for a period of fifteen days immediately thereafter. BU

(4) The President and the Vice-President of a Panchayat at any level shall be entitled, while touring on public business, to travelling and daily allowances at such rates as 53[prescribed].

(5) Every member of a Panchayat other than the President of a District Panchayat shall be entitled to receive travelling and daily allowances at such rates as 53[prescribed] for attending the meetings of the Panchayat or of any committee thereof.




161. Meetings of Panchayats.- (1) The meetings of a Panchayat at any level shall be held at such intervals, as may be prescribed: Provided that the interval between two meetings shall not exceed one month.

54[(1a) If a notice in writing is given to the President by not less than one-third of the members of members notified by Government under sub-section (1) of Section 6, specifying the purpose for which the meeting is to be convened, he shall convene, a special meeting of the Panchayat for considering that matter.]

(2) Every meeting of a Panchayat shall be presided over by its President or, in his absence, by its Vice-President or, in the absence of both, by a member chosen by the members present at the meeting to preside over the occasion.

3) The person presiding shall preserve order at the meeting and decide all points of order arising at or in connection with meetings. There shall be no discussion on any point of order and the decision of the person presiding on any point of order shall be final.

(4) Save as provided in this Act, the time and place of a meeting of a Panchayat, the quorum of such meeting, the procedure for calling such meeting and the procedure at such meeting shall be such as may be prescribed.

(5) The rules referred to in sub-section (4) may provide for preventing any member or President or any member or Chairman of a Committee from voting on, or taking part in the discussion, of any matter in which apart from its general application to the public he has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest, whether by himself or through some other person, or from being present or presiding at any meeting of the Panchayat or of the committee during the discussion of any such matter.

(6) All questions before a meeting of a Panchayat shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present and unless otherwise provided in this Act, the person presiding the meeting shall have a casting vote 55[also] in all cases of equality of votes.