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Legislative Assembly and copies of such orders shall also be made available for sale, at the price fixed by 40[the Delimitation Commission), to all the public who require them.



"Rural Areas' - Keezhmadu Grama Panchayat described as 'urban' in 2001 Census - Tahsildar issuing certificate that the Grama Panchayat was urban - Legality of - A Panchayat is a unit of SelfGovernment for rural areas - Areas under Panchayat notified under $.10(3)(A) will have to be considered as rural area - Since area in question comes under Grama Panchayat, Tahsildar directed to issue certificate anew mentioning the area as rural - Constitution of India, Art.243(d), Art.243B. S. 10(2) - An order requiring secretary of Panchayat to pass orders in conformity with the reenquiry report of enquiry officer and to present the same for approval of commission cannot be treated as one passed under S.10(2) (d). – Thomas Jacob v. State of Kerala - 2005 (4) KLT SN 24. Ss. 10 & 10A - The function of the Election Commission in the matter of delimitation is adjudicative and not legislative - The principles of natural justice will apply - Natural justice. – Kunhabdulla v. State of Kerala - 2000 (3) KLT 45: 2000 (2) KLJ 709 : AIR 2000 Ker. 376. AIR 1995 SC 1512 - Followed. 1995 (4) SCC 611; AIR 1978 SC 851; AIR 1972 SC 187 - Referred to.] S. 10A of the Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 introduced by Section 4 of Act 13 of 2000 is unconstitutional as violative of Art. 14 - See - Constitution of India, Art. 14. – Kunhabdulla v. State of Kerala - 2000 (3) KLT 45:2000 (2) KLJ 709 : AIR 2000 Ker. 376.

11. Power to rectify printing mistakes, etc.— 42[The State Election Commission or an officer authorised by it] 43[or the Delimitation Commission] may, from time to time, correct any printing mistake in any order made under Section 10 or any error therein arising from an inadvertent slip or omission.


12. Staff of the State Election Commission.- (1) As soon as may be, after a request by the State Election Commission to the Governor under clause (3) of Article 243 K, the Government shall lend the services of such number of officers and employees as may be necessary to assist the State Election Commission in the discharge of its functions.