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(2) 32[The Delimitation Commission) shall,

(a) publish 33[the proposals of the Delimitation Commission] in respect of the matters mentioned in Clause (a) of sub-section (1), with a notice specifying the date on or after which the proposals will be considered 34[by it] and by inviting objections and suggestions with respect to the proposals before a date specified in the notice, by affixing copies thereof on the notice board of the office of the Panchayat concerned and in such conspicuous places within the Panchayat area concerned

(b) publish in the Gazette and in any two local news papers having wide circulation within the Panchayat area concerned the fact of publication under clause (a);

(c) consider all objections and suggestions that may have been received by 35[the Delimitation Commission] before the date so specified; and

36[(d) delimit the constituencies.

37[(2A) The officer authorised by the State Election Commission in this behalf shall determine, as to which constituency, the constituencies reserved for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or Women shall be allotted according to rotation, by draw of lots at the time, date and place fixed by the Commission in this behalf, by notification.

(2B) After the draw of lots under sub-section (2A), the State Election Commission or the officer authorised by it shall issue an order determining the constituency reserved for the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes or Women].

(3) An order made by the 38[State Election Commission or the officer authorised by it] 39[or the Delimitation Commission) shall not be called in question in any Court of law.

391[(3A) Every order issued by the Delimitation Commission with regard to the delimitation of constituencies under this Section shall be published in the Gazette and shall have the force of law.]

(4) 40[The Delimitation Commission) shall furnish free of cost three copies each of the proposals published and the final orders issued under sub-section (2) to the committees at the Panchayat level concerned of all political parties having representation in the