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5[Convenor of Grama Sabha) shall, compulsorily invite the member of the Block Panchayat, the District Panchayat and the Legislative Assembly representing the area of the Grama Sabha :

Provided that the Convener shall, on a request in writing made by not less than ten percent of the members of any Grama Sabha, convene a special meeting of the Grama Sabha within fifteen days with the agenda given along with the request : Provided further that such special meeting shall be convened only once within the period between two general meetings.]

(4) The member of a Village Panchayat representing the constituency comprised in the area of a village shall be the convener of that Grama Sabha; however due to any reason, physical or otherwise the convener is unable to perform his functions as such, the President may appoint a member representing any adjacent constituency as the convener.

(5) Every meeting of the Grama Sabha, shall be presided over by the President of the Village Panchayat or in his absence, the Vice-President or in the absence of both of them by the convener of Grama Sabha.

(6) The Village Panchayat shall place before the Grama Sabha a report relating to the developmental programmes relating to the constituency during the previous year and these that are proposed to be undertaken during the current year, and the expenditure therefor, the annual statement of accounts and the administration report of the preceding If in any circumstances, any decision of the Grama Sabha could not be implemented, the President shall report the reason therefor, before the Grama Sabha.

(7) The Village Panchayats, the Block Panchayats and the District Panchayats shall give due consideration to the recommendations and suggestions, if any, of the Grama Sabha. 6xxx