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38Tendered votes
39 Closing of Poll
40Sealing of ballot boxes after poll
41Account of ballot papers
42 Sealing of other packets
42എ ഇലക്ട്രോണിക് യന്ത്രം ഉപയോഗിച്ചുള്ള വോട്ടെടുപ്പിനുശേഷം വോട്ടിംഗ് യന്ത്രം സീൽ ചെയ്യൽ
43 Transmission of ballot boxes, etc to the Returning Officer
43എ ഇലക്ട്രോണിക് വോട്ടിംഗ് യന്ത്രം ഉപയോഗിച്ചുള്ള വോട്ടെടുപ്പിന് ശേഷം വോട്ടിംഗ് - യന്തം മുതലായവ വരണാധികാരിക്ക് എത്തിച്ചുകൊടുക്കൽ
44 Misconduct in the place fixed for counting of votes
45 Maintenance of secrecy of counting of votes
46 Scrutiny and opening of ballot boxes
47 Scrutiny and rejection of ballot papers
48 Counting of votes
48എ ഇലക്ട്രോണിക് വോട്ടിംഗ് യന്ത്രത്തിലെ വോട്ടെണ്ണൽ
49 Counting to be continuous
50 Scrutiny and counting of postal ballot papers
51 Re-count of votes
52 Declaration of result of election
53 Counting at two or more places
54 Copy of result sheets
55 Custody of ballot boxes and other papers
56 Particulars of account of election expenses
57 Notice by officer authorised by the State Election Commission for Inspection of account
58 Inspection of account and obtaining of copies thereof
59 Report by the officer authorised by the State Election Commission as to the lodging of the account of election expenses and the decision of State Election Commission thereon

60 Maximum amount of election expenses
61 The State Election Commission to give direction for conducting election effectively
62 Form of affidavit to be filed with election petition
63 Expenses connected with election

FORM 1-28


1 Short title and commencement
2 Definitions
3 The manner of allotment by rotation of the reserved seats ofthe Panchayat Presidents to various Panchayat
4 The manner of and the time limit for intimation of casual vacancies
5 The manner of convening of election meeting
6 Quorum
7 Nomination of candidates
8 Election procedure
9 The manner of recording of votes, conducting of votes and declaration of result