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219A. Village Panchayat to arrange for the removal of rubbish , solid wastes and filth
219B. Duty of owners and occupiers for collection and deposit of rubbish and solid waste
219C. Contract with owner or occupier for removal of rubbish or filth
219D. Introduction of house to house collection of rubbish
219E. Rubbish and other solid waste shall be the property of the Village Panchayat
219F. Provisions for the final disposal of solid waste
219G. Provision for processing of solid wastes
219H. Removal of rubbish and solid waste accumulated on non-residential premises
2191. Prohibition of improper disposal of carcasses, rubbish and filth
219J. Prohibition of keeping filth on premises
219K. Prohibition against allowing outflow of filth
219L. Prohibition of disposal of skin
219M. Prohibition of using any cart without cover for the removal of filth etc
219N. Prohibition of deposit of rubbish or filth in public places.
2190. Prohibition against causing nuisance in public streets etc.
219P. Presumption as to offender
219Q. The employees of the Village Panchayat engaged in rubbish and solid waste management service prohibited from depositing waste at a place other than specified etc

219R. Power to inspect premises for sanitary purposes
219S. Prohibition of deposit of rubbish or filth or excreta in water bodies and water sources
219T. Punishment for depositing or throwing any rubbish or solid waste in contravention of the provisions of this Act.
219U. Seizure and confiscation of vehicle used for carrying filth or excreta.
220. Prohibition against constructions in or over public roads etc.
221. Public markets .
222. Licensing of private markets
223. Levy of the licensees of private markets
224. Prohibition of sale in unlicensed private markets etc
225. Prohibition against sale in public roads
226. Prevention of persons suffering from contagious diseases from entering markets


227. Public landing places and cart-stands etc
228. Private cart-stands


229. Public Slaughter houses
230. Licence for slaughter houses
230A. Slaughter houses to be maintained properly
231. Slaughter of animals for sale as food and power of inspection


232. Purpose for which places may not be used without a licence
233. Permission for the construction of factories and the installation of machinery
233A. Abatement of nuisance caused by factory, workshop etc
233B. Exemptions
233C. Consultation with the Panchayat for opening Government industrial estate, industrial development area etc
234. Power of Government to make rules in respect of the grant and renewal of licences and permissions
234A. Vesting of the existing water supply and sewerage services under the water authority with the Panchayat
234B. Administrative powers of the Panchayat in respect of the existing water supply and sewerage