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192 Administration report of the Panchayat
193. Dissolution of Panchayats.
194. Powers of Officers taking action on behalf of or in default of Panchayat and liability of Panchayat Fund.


195. Grants and shares of Taxes
196. Grants and loans for Schemes and Projects
196A. Annual Report on Grants .
197. Power of Panchayat to raise loans
198. Power of Panchayat to collect fixed fees
199. Surcharge on tax on direction by the Government
200. Taxes, cess etc., which may be levied by Village Panchayat Vitu Ny village Panchayat
201. [xx x] Omitted
202. Basic tax grant
203. Property Tax
204. Profession tax .
205. Collection of profession tax by employers
205A. Statements, Returns, etc. to be confidential
205B. Requisition on owner or occupier to furnish list of persons liable to tax
205C. Requisition on employers or their representatives to furnish list
205D. Recovery of profession tax by employers
205E. Requisition to furnish name of Institutions etc
205F. Assessment of profession tax by head of office etc
205G. Issue of receipt for remittance .
205H. Payment of tax by self-drawing officers
205I. Maintenance of Demand Register .
205J. Certificate of drawing and disbursing officers and self drawing officer
205K. Penalty for non-payment of tax
206. Duty on transfer of property .
207. Exemption from Tax, Cess etc.
208. Surcharge on property tax.
209. Tax on advertisement .
209A. Prohibition of advertisement without written permission of the Secretary
209B. Owner or person in possession be deemed responsible
209C. Removal of unauthorised advertisement.
209D. Collection of tax on advertisement
209E. Recovery of tax payable.
210. Recovery of arrears of tax, cess etc
211. Power to require village officer to collect taxes and fees due to Panchayats
212. Panchayat Funds
213. Items of expenditure debitable to panchayat fund.
214. Preparation and sanction of Budget.
215. Accounts and Audit
216. Contribution to the expenditure by other Local Self Government Institutions
217. Recovery of loans and advances made by Government

218. Vesting of water course, springs, reservoirs, etc., in Village Panchayats
219. Contributions from persons having control over places of pilgrimage etc