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69. Procedure in contested and uncontested elections
70. Fixing time for poll
71. Adjournment of poll in emergencies
72. Fresh poll in the case of destruction, etc. of ballot boxes
73. Countermanding of election or adjournment of poll on the ground of booth capturing
74. Manner of voting at elections.
74A. Using voting machine in elections
75. Special procedure for preventing personation of electors
76. Right to vote
77. Counting of votes.
78. Destruction, loss etc., of ballot papers at the time of counting
79. Equality of votes.
80. Declaration of results
81. Report of the result.
82. Date of election of candidate
83. Publication of results of general elections to the Panchayat
83A. Cessation of membership
84. By-elections to fill casual vacancies
85. Account of election expenses and maximum thereof
86. Lodging of accounts with the officer authorized by the State Election Commission


87. Election Petitions
88. The Court competent to try election petitions
89. Presentation of petitions
90. Parties to the petition
91. Contents of petition
92. Relief that may be claimed by the petitioner.
93. Trial of election petitions
94. Procedure before the Court
95. Documentary evidence
96. Secrecy of voting not to be infringed
97. Answering of criminating questions and certificate of indemnity
98. Expenses of witnesses
99. Recrimination when seat claimed
100. Decision of the Court
101. Other orders to be made by the Court
102. Grounds for declaring election to be void
103. Grounds for which a candidate other than the returned candidate may be declared to have been elected
104. Procedure in case of an equality of votes
105. Communication of orders of the Court
106. Transmission of order to the appropriate authority etc. and its publication
107. Effect of orders of the Court
108. Withdrawal of election petitions
109. Procedure for withdrawal of election petition
110. Report of withdrawal by the court to the State Election Commission
111. Abatement of election petitions.
112. Abatement or substitution on death of respondent
113. Appeals
114. Procedure in appeal
115. Security for costs
116. Security for costs from a respondent
117. Costs